Heavy Duty Above Ground Pool Ladder With 400 lbs. Weight Limit

Many pool ladders usually only have a maximum capacity of 300 lbs. So it’s not easy to find above ground pool ladder with 400 lbs. weight limit. If you’re looking for one, here are three of the best ones we’ve found.

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Deluxe Above Ground Pool With Outside Ladder

An affordable ground pool ladder - strong and durable from Confer


This new deluxe pool ladder comes with steps and a ladder  which makes it very easy for anyone to get in and out of the pool.

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This is a reasonably priced ladder. This is a new model by Confer and it’s main unique feature is that the ladder can be easily snapped together during construction without using any hardware.

It is made of solid resin and can easily be installed/connected to the pool and weighed down with sandbags.

The only downside with this ladder is that it does not have a safety feature to prevent access to the pool.

Very highly rated. Click here to read Amazon reviews

More Ideas For Pool Ladders With 400 lbs. Capacity

Listed below are more of the top-rated pool ladders with a weight capacity of 400 lbs. They come in different styles from just a ladder to a complete system that has safety self-closing mechanism!

Confer Grand Entry Step Stairs

If you don’t want to buy a whole set, you can separately buy the grand entry step stairs shown below. It has a two-tone color and comes with handrail for even more secure entry access into the pool. It also includes 2 sand weights which are necessary for installation.

Confer Pool Ladder Steps w/ 2 Sand Weights / STEP-1 + 2 x 200888

Confer Deluxe Pool Entry System


Confer Deluxe Pool Entry System - Double Sided

This is top of the line above ground pool ladder with 400 lb weight capacity. It has all the features you could possibly want in a durable long lasting ladder.

  • it has a gate with a locking mechanism
  • has double handrails
  • has closely spaced steps
  • it’s made of plastic so that no metal ever gets into the pool water
  • non-slip steps

This ground pool ladder was built with the elderly as well as the physically challenged in mind. The way it is designed means much easier and more stable access to the water. No wobbly ladders, no unstable footing and is always safe.

It’s a big investment but well worth it.


  • overall height: 81″
  • adjustable wall clearance

Safe and Secure Above Ground Pool Ladder With 400 lbs Weight Limit

Stay safe this summer and get this heavy duty 400 lbs weight limit pool ladder.Get a pool ladder that doesn’t only help you get in but also provides a level of safety with its self-closing gate. If you have young kids, this is going to come very handy.

If you want a complete pool ladder package, this is well worth the look. It’s not the cheapest one on this list, but it’s one of the best above ground pool ladders around.

With a 400-pound weight capacity, it has a step width of 31 inches and step treads measuring 10 x 27 inches.

What Makes This Unique?

That it’s a complete package. It has a gate and a safety mechanism, and a padlock for added security.

Other Features:

  • Doesn’t take up a lot of space
  • Steps and ladders can be easily separated if you want to make a deck.

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