Kids Swimming Pools With Slides – Small Kids Pools You’ll Love

Small kids pools are always a treasured possesion by many parents. Many kids can stay in a pool for a long time and they get lots of fun too.

There are now many small kids pools around and the range can be quite overwhelming. You can have them as plain as possible, but one of my most favorite ones are kids swimming pools with slides.

I personally like the Intex Rainbow Ring Pool Playcenter especially for the little ones, but there are a lot of other choices as well.

Listed below are some of the best small kids pools in the market.

Note: Some manufacturers say that some of these small kids pools are for children up to 12 years old! I personally think that’s stretching it a bit too much! I would recommend these small kids pools for children below 7 but the youngest ones will probably be the ones who’ll enjoy it the most.

If your kid is a keen swimmer and you find these kids swimming pools a bit too “lame” (for lack of a better word!), then why not get one of the more “serious” intex inflatable pools! Then even you will have some fun!

Intex Rainbow Ring Small Kids PoolIntex Rainbow Ring Pool Play Center

I like that this, the Intex Rainbow Ring Pool Play Center can both be an indoor and outdoor toy. Just fill it out with balls (without the water of course!) and this turns into a tub full of fun inside the house. This is great for really young kids.

It’s recommended for ages 3+ but I also think that toddlers (with constant adult supervision! Like the don’t even blink your eyes kind of supervision) will enjoy this one too.

Kids Swimming Pools With SlideOcean Play Center Kids Swimming Pool With Slides

Great color and great figures makes this a big draw for young kids. The Ocean Play Center has two pools. One of which is a wading pool. And the tree is a treat! A nice big pool at 100″ X 77″ X 31″.

So fun for kids specially with the water sprinklers. This isn’t just a pool with slide. It also comes with some inflatable toys which include a turtle, whale and some balls.

kids pool with slideIntex Dinosaur Play Center

A pretty cool looking kiddie pool with a Dinosaur theme. Any kid who loves dinosaurs is going to love this.  It has a small slide with a landing mat for extra protection for the little ones.

Children love the nice colors and designs. Plus it also has many possibilities for creative water play.


Intex Jungle Kids Swimming Pool With SlidesIntex Dinosaur Play Center

Here’s another small kids pool with slide which has two different kinds of pools.

Great for separating kids at moments when they can’t stand each other, eh? This also has a water sprayer which can be attached to a garden hose.

Safari Falls Small Kids PoolSafari Falls Pool

For safari loving kids, this one’s a hoot!

Who wouldn’t want to slide down a zebra’s back?

Slide N Splash Whale Pool For KidsSlide N’Splash Whale Pool

This whale pool with a slide is pretty fun too.

Big enough to accommodate about 4 kids.

Six Flags Splash Kids Swimming PoolSix Flags My First Splish Splash Pool

Any little kid is bound to have fun with this kids pool with slide.

It’s got lots of other things on it too that a young toddler will really enjoy looking at.

Intex Recreation Small Kids Pool With SlideIntex Recreation Gateway’N Fun Play Center

Intex brings this kids swimming pool with slide and water sprinkle for your children to enjoy. A good wading pool with three arches.

Pirate Hideout Playcenter PoolPirate Hideout Play Center Pool

This is going to be a big favorite to any little boy (or girl) who loves pirates. This has a bouncing deck too which is nice. Makes any little one feel like a pirate..yaar.

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