Best Swimming Pool Slides For Sale 2018

best swimming pool slides for saleWhat swimming pool slide are you looking for?

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Inground Pool Water Slides

There are currently two main manufacturers for Inground swimming pool slides for sale. These are SR Smith and Interfab. When installing these slides, make sure that you have enough space at the pool deck to accommodate them. They are big and need just the right space to properly install them in.

Sr Smith Slides

These are good quality inground pool slides which comply with the US safety standard for pool slides. Their popular slides are:

Interfab Slides

Interfab is another one of the leading makers of residential swimming pool slides. Their slide heights range from 37″ to 84″. Popular models include:

Kids Swimming Pools Slides

intex waterslideFor young kids, the best and cheapest swimming pool slide to go for are the inflatable ones. And when it comes to outdoor slides like this, Intex is currently the leading company. There are surprisingly not that many models available. Some other slides that are top rated are:

Slides For Above Ground Swimming Pools

It is not that easy to find slides for above ground swimming pools. Many pool owners usually have them customized or they adapt inflatable slides.

Things To Remember When Buying Swimming Pools Slides For Sale

The guide below is mainly for buying inground pool slides which tend to be a bit more complicated than buying inflatable kids slides.

Do You Have The Space?

This is very important. Some of the inground pool slides have a big footprint and you many not have the deck space for it. Before buying, make sure you know what is the recommended outddor space area needed.

Decide On The Slide Position

Choose from either left or right. This largely depends on the deck space that you have and which position would best fit.

Is Your Pool Deep Enough?

Know what the manufacturers recommended depth is. Usually, it’s about 4 feet. The Consumer Product Safety commission suggests not to install slides on water that’s less than 3 feet deep. This may depend on the height of the slide too. Also, there might be some guidelines in your city regarding the installation of home swimming pool slides so make sure you are well informed what they are to prevent any unnecessary problems in the future.

Who’s Going To Install it?

Each slide should come with detailed step by step instructions on how to assemble and install the swimming pool slide. However, if you’re not very confident with your diy skills, it is best to leave this to the professionals. After all, it’s one of those pool accessory equipment that you would really want to be secure and safe for your family.

What Is Your Budget?

The cost of pool slides can vary by thousands. So decide how much you’re willing to pay for it and find the one that is in line with your budget.

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