Kids Swing Sets For Small Yards

Being a mom myself, I know how valuable it is to have your very own playset in the backyard. It keeps the children busy, gets them exercised and you get to do some things as well.

Many of the problems that parents have is that there just isn’t enough space for swing sets, slides and monkey bars in the yard. This may be true of swing sets made for big backyards, but there are actually a lot of kids swing sets for small yards that look just as good and offer the same kind of entertainment that bigger sets offer to kids.

Note: Do take note that ASTM standards for residential play systems say that you should allow at least 6 feet of space around all sides for safety purposes.

Different Kinds Of Small Yard Swing Sets

You can choose from wood, metal or plastic for your small yard swing set. The ones listed below are very highly rated and are constant bestsellers too.

cedarworks-frolic-8Cedarworks Frolics 8 Swing Set

If you want the cream of the crop, then look no further than Cedarworks playsets. They’re made of high quality wood, designed exquisitely and would look good in any backyard too. They’re all made in the USA and can be customized. The Cedarworks Frolic 8 can hold the weight of both children and adults. This is a premium playset at a premium price. Expect to spend $1000 upwards for this. Size:  13′ wide x 14′ deep x 11′ high

step-2-swing-setStep 2 Naturally Playful Playhouse and Swing Set

If you’re buying this playset for a little one, have a look at Step 2’s Naturally Playful swing set. This is made in the USA and has features that toddlers and preschoolers are going to enjoy playing in. It has a roomy deck, a playhouse with a little door and windows, a swing, and slide. Durable and very easy to put together. Size: 6.25 x 9.2 x 9.6 feet

Swing N Slide Orbiter Swing Set

Swing n slide's Orbiter Swing set. great for small backyards. Summer toy list.Swing n slide  has a few outdoor swing sets for small yards. This one, however is one that many parents are very happy with. It includes 2 swings and a trapeze swing. It is designed for children 2 – 10 years old. Very reasonably priced too.  Very highly rated and listed in Amazon’s 2016 Summer Toys List.

Made in the USA

Size: 9.5 X 8 X 7 feet

IRON KIDS Premier 100 Fitness Playground

This is designed very differently than many other outdoor playsets for residential spaces.  It’s being sold more as a fitness equipment for kids more than just a play equipment (largely due to the presence of a jumper trampoline). It does look great and many parents love it which is why it’s included on this recommended list of playsets. Size: 13.5L x 10.3 W x 8 H

Flexible Flyer Triple Fun Swing Set

flexible-flyer-triplefunHere’s another small playset that is full of activities for kids to engage in. It has swings, slide and a seesaw (a nice touch as many backyard playsets do not have this). Made by Flexible Flyer, it can hold a maximum of 630 pounds, is very easy to put together and is durable too. Size12.7″ long x 10.2″ wide x 6″

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