Wooden Playsets For Kids

Children really love the great outdoors and what better way to enjoy the warm weather than heading to the backyard and have fun in their wooden play sets.

Advantages of Wood Playsets

Most wooden play sets are made from redwood or cedar making them durable to last through many years of extreme weather changes.

Another advantage of wood playsets is their rubber or vinyl cover which keeps surfaces smooth and acts as a cushion to prevent children from getting hurt. These safety features ensure that wooden playsets are build with your children’s safety in mind.

Wooden Playsets Prices

Wooden playset prices may vary depending on whether the add-ons and accessories are already included in the package price or you are paying alone for the wooden swing set and choose to buy other accessories including the slide separately. The price for a wooden swing set kit starts at $131.47 while prices for multi-activity super play centers may range from $350 to $415.

Wooden Playsets Under $500

If you do your research first before picking out the best wooden playsets that will suit what you desire and your budget, you will find that there are durable wooden playsets under $500.

Buy Alpine DIY Swing
Alpine Customer Ready To Build Wooden Swing Set

The Alpine Custom Ready-to-Build Swing Set Kit

The Alpine Custom Ready-to-Build Swing Set Kit is a DIY wooden playset which you can easily assemble yourself.

At less than a $140, the price is indeed a steal. The kit comes with durable materials which are built to last.

Aside from the easy-to-follow written instructions, it also comes with a DVD to help you with the set-up.

Since lumbers and screws are not part of the kit, you have to visit your neighborhood store for these things or you can buy it separately.

Kettler Wooden Swing Set
Kettler Deluxe 4 Child Multi Swing Set

Kettler Deluxe 4 Child Multiplay Swingset

The Kettler Deluxe 4-Child Multiplay Swingset comes with 4-child swingsets, 2 board swings, high-carbon steel frame, and tough ground anchors.

It has a single open station which is designed to accommodate favorite Kettler accessories which are sold separately at affordable prices.

At about $370, you can have the luxury of bringing the park to your very own backyard.


Westmount Wooden Playset
Westmount Wooden Swing Set

Westmount Wooden Swing Set

The Westmount Wooden Swing Set is a multi-activity play haven.

It comes with a slide, two belt swings, sandbox and a powerful wood stake anchoring system to ensure your children’s safety.

It also has a ten-year warranty on its wood components against insect damage and a one-year warranty on all other parts of this wooden swingset

At about $414, this is good value for money.

Best Wooden Playsets For Small Yards

Having a small yard should not prevent your family from enjoying wooden swing sets. There are many brands and designs available that you can choose from and which can easily fit in your yard.

Swing N Slide Chesapeake Ready | Wooden Playsets Under 1000
Swing N Slide Chesapeake Is Often On Sale For Less Than 1000

Swing-N-Slide Chesapeake Wooden Playset

One of the top-rated wooden playsets for small yards is the Swing N Slide Chesapeake Wooden Playset (Ready To Assemble Kit). It is composed of two play decks with a total area of 24 square feet.

It’s an easy to install kit which comes with everything you need for its installation.

It boasts of the award-winning Rapid-LOC bracket system which will help you save time and make the set-up very much easier. Once fully assembled its dimensions are 15 Ft. W x 17 Ft. L x 11 Ft.

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Backyard Discovery All Cedar Playset
Backyard Discovery All Cedar Playset

Backyard Discovery Cedar Playset

The Backyard Discovery All Cedar Playset with a dimension of 10.33 x 10.67 x 9.25 feet is another playset which can easily fit in smaller backyards.

It comes with two-belt swings and a trapeze for everyone to enjoy.

The covered upper deck can be accessed using the ladder or its rock wall handles.

A speedy slide completes the play set.




Swing N Slide Winchester Wooden Playset
Swing N Slide Winchester Wood Playset



Swing N Slide Winchester Wood Playset

Swing N Slide Winchester Wood Playset has three large play decks.

It’s  about 32 sq. ft.  and is one of the best rated wooden playsets for small backyards.

Its dimensions total 7.97 x 3.13 x 1.92 feet.

It also has a Rapid-Loc bracket system allows you to easily assemble the set at a shorter period of time and ready for those eager little guys who can’t wait to spend hours and days of outdoor fun.

Wooden Playsets Big Backyard

If space is not a problem, there are many highly-rated wooden playsets for big backyards.

Wooden Playsets For Kids
Rocky Mountain Retreat Heavy Duty Swing Set

Rocky Mountain Retreat Heavy Wooden Swing Set

The Rocky Mountain Retreat Heavy Duty Swing Set is one of the big wooden playsets that is perfect for any big backyard. that it has a .

This playset has a 25-square foot play deck and includes the following:

  • access ladder with safety metal rails
  • wooden roof
  • two slings swings
  • picnic table
  • rock climbing wall
  • and a double wall wave slide.

It comes with an easy to follow instruction manual and a DVDard to help you through the process of assembling the entire playset.

Swing Town Sequioa Wooden Swing Set
Swing Town Sequoia Swing Set


Swing Town Sequoia Wooden Swing Set

The Swing Town Sequoia Swing Set comes with two tarp covered decks which are connected by a bridge.

This has a dimension of 21.25 x 15.47 x 10.58 feet.

The set also includes a

  • glider with 2 belt-swing
  • a picnic table
  • a solid rock wall
  • a chain ladder
  • monkey bar
  • sandbox with seats.

Adventure Playsets Patriot Wooden Swing Set

Adventure Playsets Patriot Wooden Swing Set
Adventure Playsets Patriot Wooden Swing Set

The Adventure Playsets Patriot Wooden Swing Set boasts of an upper clubhouse fitted with a sun porch.

A 2-level play deck has a sandbox underneath and a picnic table. A ladder allows easy climbing while a solid rock wall brings a challenging twist when climbing up to the second level or going down.

Its best rate features are the spiral slide and the 2 belt swings with a 2-person slider allowing more kids to ride the swings at the same time.

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