Heavy Duty Trampolines: 450 lb Weight Limit [And 500 – 600 lb. Limits Too!]

Height weight capacity trampoline featuring three different types with high weight capacity. 450 lbs, 500 lbs and 800 lbs!

When buying a trampoline,  quality is a very important thing to consider.

This means it has strong steel braces, a durable safety enclosure and jumping mat, and a reasonable weight capacity for the people who use it.

When it comes to weight limits, trampolines with 350 lb. capacity are good for young kids.

But when you have older kids or when adults get in to join in the fun, too (after all, it’s good for burning calories!), you’d want to buy a heavy duty trampoline.

On this list we feature lots of different choices for trampolines with 450 lb weight limit. We also feature a few that have 500 lb to 600 lb. weight capacity.

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Best High Weight Capacity Trampolines: 450 lb Weight Limit

All of the trampolines with 450 lb. weight limit on this page are made by Kidwise Magic Circle trampolines. This company makes their trampolines in the USA. The trampolines are built to last and to withstand all types of weather.

Listed below are 3 trampolines with 450 lb weight limit.  The main difference between the three are the shapes and sizes.

Rectagon Trampoline With Enclosure: 9′ x 14′

Durable high weight capacity trampoline. Up to 450 lbs. virtually not maintenance needed.

This is a trampoline with a unique shape. It looks like a rectangle but it has 8 sides! In short, a rectagon! It’s 9′ x 14′ high.

Like all the other KidWise Magic Circle trampolines, the pads are available in different colors:

  • all green
  • all purple
  • all yellow
  • green and purple
  • green, purple and yellow

Note: if you’re buying this online and you have a preferred color, make sure you request it as soon as you pay for your order so that you get the color you want (assuming the shop has the color available, of course)


  • weight: 342 pounds
  • frame size: 9ft W x 14ft L
  • dimensions:  9’L x 14’W x 3’H
  • cage height: 6’H

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Kidwise Round Magic Circle Trampoline With Enclosure

Durable high weight capacity trampoline. Up to 450 lbs. virtually not maintenance needed.

Here’s a more classic trampoline shape: the round trampoline.


  • available in 12 ft and 13.6 ft.
  • net, which is optional, is 6 feet high

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12 Foot Trampoline: Hexagon

12 ft trampoline with high capacity limit at 450 lbs.

Here’s a 12 foot hexagon trampoline. Features include:

  • overall height including enclosure: 9 feet / 10.6?
  • trampoline height: 3 feet
  • dimensions across: 12 feet from corner to corner
  • dimensions: 144L x 144W x 108H in.
  • weight: 263 lbs.
  • no. of poles :6
  • Check it out

16 ft Octagon Trampoline

Trampoline with 450 lbs. weight capacity. Available with or without enclosure.

You can buy the octagon trampoline with or without enclosure.

Why but it without enclosure? Parents who install this in-ground prefer not to have the enclosure with it. Also, another parent mentioned that they installed two of these next to each other, so their children can bounce from one to the other. I’m not sure about the safety on this kind of set-up, but it seems to work for these parents (Click here to read the review. Scroll down the page and go to the Question and answer bit)

With Enclosure  | No Enclosure


  • height: 36 inches without enclosure
  • side to side: 192 feet
  • front to back: 192 feet
  • height: 108 inches with enclosure
  • big jumping space


Magic Circle Assembly Instructions

Kidwise says  that assembly is going to take only 30 minutes. Many customers say however that this takes longer than that.

Also from reading reviews, customers say that the written instructions that come with the trampoline is not very well done. So if you do end-up buying this trampoline brand, bookmark this page or pin it on Pinterest, so you can come back and see the video below to get an idea of the installation.

The video is quite fast so you might need to pause it every now and then or to slow it down to get the steps right.

Some Assembly tips:

  • attaching the spring from the trampoline to the frame may be difficult. Make it easier by pulling the string towards you instead of away from you.

The Safety Features: What Makes These Trampolines Different?

Heavy Duty Rectangular Trampoline: 500 lb Weight Limit

High Weight Capacity trampoline at 500 lb weight capacity. Also available in different colors and sizes.

As  you move higher for trampolines with 500 lb weight limit, you’ll need to have a look at a different brand.

At this level, Upper Bounce trampoline dominates.

These are rectangular trampolines and are available in three different sizes, based on the distance from frame to frame (meaning the actual jumping area is smaller). This company prides itself in having trampolines that are very bouncy!

Some Important Things:

  • 1 year warranty
  • based on customer reports, this takes a long time to assemble
  • you may have to take this down during bad weather and strong winds as some customers do

High Weight Limit Trampoline: Weight Limit 600 lb – 800 lbs!

Heavy duty trampoline for the home with up to 800 lbs. weight capacity!

And now check out these trampolines for home use with weight limit of up to 800 lbs!

If you want a trampoline with 600 lb weight limit, there’s one brand to look at: Acon USA

Acon Usa is newly established in the USA (2014). It is part of the Finnish Company, Acon Finland which produces durable high quality products that get the kids to play outside.

Their trampolines are all designed in Finland.

The design of the three trampolines with up to 800 lb weight limit are all the same. The difference between the three are the sizes:

Here are images of the three different trampolines.

Check them out by clicking the link below:

Table Summary Of Heavy Duty Trampolines On This Page

ImageDescription, Reviews (AD) & Quick Link
Rectagon Trampoline high weight capacity. Kidwise Rectagon Trampoline

frame size: 9' x 14'
cage height: 6' H

Click Here For Reviews
Circular trampoline: heavy duty virtually no maintenance. All weather trampolineMagic Circle Trampoline With Enclosure

two sizes: 12' and 13.6'
optional net: 6' high

Click Here For Reviews
Hexagon trampoline that's durable and has high weight limit.Hexagon Trampoline

size: 9' x 14'
height including enclosure: 10.6 ft

Click Here For Reviews
Octagon trampoline with 450 lb weight capacity. available with or without enclosureOctagon trampoline

with or without enclosure available

side to side: 192 feet

front to back: 192 feet

With Enclosure: Reviews

Without enclosure: Reviews


Trampoline with up to 500 lbs. capacity. Upper Bounce Trampoline

Available in 3 sizes: 8' x 14' ; 9' x 15' ; 10' x 17'

8' x 14': Reviews

9' x 15':Reviews

10' x 17': Reviews


Acon trampoline in three sizes. Rectangular shape up to 800 lb. weight capacityAcon Trampoline

Available in 3 sizes: 14' ; 15' ; 16'

14' diameter: Reviews

15' diameter: Reviews

16' diameter: Reviews

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What Differentiates the Magic Circle Trampolines From the Rest?

  1. Warranty: 10 year warranty on the frame, 5-year pro-rated warranty on mat, cage and spring
  2. Durable frames. They’re very solid and don’t wobble when you or your child jump on it.
  3. A strong enclosure. This is a special feature that a lot of parents love. The net enclosure is sewn in to the mat, so no little limbs or body can slide out or fall out of the trampoline – an excellent safety feature.
  4. Tight weave net enclosure – which means fingers can’t get caught in it.
  5. Made in the USA
  6. Virtually no maintenance
  7. UV- light protection. This is important. This means that the mat and the safety foam that are wrapped around the uprights will not deteriorate during its lifetime.
  8. Easy to assemble. No tools needed.

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