Fun Water Toys For Adults And Kids Outdoor Play

Fun Water Toys For The Lake

Kids and adults alike love the water so what better way to bring the excitement and enjoyment to a higher level than playing with fun water toys?

There are many types of water toys for the lake. If kids have endless fun with water guns, water sprinklers, and pool toys, adults also have their share of grown-up toys.

In the past, inflatable canoes, fishing canoes, and kayaks were so much a hassle to fill with air and leaks were such a common problem. Today’s lifestyle, though, echoes of convenience and ease. These outdoor water toys are now created with long-lasting materials and they are manufactured with better designs.

Exploring a placid river or fishing in a stream aboard an inflatable canoe or fishing canoe is certainly fun.

Fishing canoes

Fishing canoes come in various materials. When buying one, your important considerations should include its material, length, stability, capacity, and the price.

Fishing canoes are now made up of durable materials. You can take your pick from aluminum, Kevlar, royalex, fiberglass, aluminum alloy, or royalite. Depending on your need, there is a 10’ or smaller for individual paddlers, 14-15’ is suitable for two people, while 4 people can easily fit in a 16-18 feet canoe.

Fishing canoe prices range from $300-$1500.

Inflatable Canoe

Inflatable canoes are now more popular than the wooden ones.

Compared to their older counterparts, inflatable canoes are made of lightweight materials and are more stable in the water, with excellent manuererability.

These canoes, which are usually made with a tough nylon cover can comfortably accommodate two persons. Most inflatable canoes has a maximum weight capacity of 500 pounds and it is even well-matched with a 12-volt trolling motor which can be used for fishing purposes.


If you are in the market for a kayak, you will have a hard time deciding what kayak to choose because these come in a variety of sizes, materials, and shapes. However, if you know what you want and you have already a price range in mind, then it will much easier. The best kayak is a perfect mix of stability, comfort and performance.

Water Toys And Floats

Bestselling TowableInflatable water toys are perfect for your pool parties. Whether you have an inflatable or permanent pool, inflatable water toys and floats provide the whole family with endless hours of fun and enjoyment.

Pool Slides

There are many designs of swimming pool slides that can fit the size of your pool and deck space.

The most desirable features of pool slides include a high-volume water delivery system that can further enhance the experience of sliding.

Since kids will continually be charging up and down these water slides, take note of its safety features including an enclosed ladder with non-slip treads and sturdy handrails.

Depending on your space and fancy, a pool slide can stand alone or be integrated into your pool. When picking out your pool slide, pick out one which can easily be set up and durable with inflatable bases to assure stability.

Swimming Pool Loungers

A perfect part of a summer day is a relaxing time spent lazing in your swimming pool lounger. Durable and long-lasting swimming pool loungers now come in all shapes and sizes.

Most swimming pool loungers are designed with air-filled tubes which can serve two purposes—to be used as a comfortable seat as well as make the lounger float on water.

Some pool loungers are long and allow complete body relaxation while soaking in the sun’s warmth. Some are designed as floating chairs with umbrellas while some are designed as acupressure loungers. There are also state-of-the-art swimming pool loungers which are fitted with ultra-powerful motorized propellers which enables you to have steering control. This type is perfect for your outings in the lake.

Towable Tubes

Nothing beats the fun and excitement of being in a towable tube.

People who have experienced the thrill of towable tubes all say that it is one exciting package of knee boarding, wakeboarding and skiing. Whether you want to ride alone or get one which can accommodate twelve people, towable tubes in the market come in different designs and sizes to fit your needs and your budget.

There are towable tubes which are priced at around a hundred dollars and there are the top of the line that can reach a thousand dollars.

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