Big Floats For The Lake Made For Adults

Inflatable lake floats for large groups.We have written about the many 4 & 6 person floating island rafts that you can take with your for The next lake holiday or party.

But wait till you see one of the large floats for the lake that we feature on this page. These multi person lake floats are so big they can accommodate 8 – 10 people.

Now how’s that for a lake¬†party?

Large Floats For The Lake For 8-10 Adults

The Sportsstuff Fiesta Party Island Float

The Sportsstuff Fiesta Island float is the pioneer of  inflatable floating islands. And their flagship product, the Fiesta Island is one that lives up to expectations.

This can accommodate up to 8 adults with eight spaces for sitting on.

And since parties usually include a drink or two, this giant inflatable floating island has 8 cup holders. It also comes with a detachable floating cooler so you can you always have a place to put your cold drinks in.Large floating island raft with 8 person capacity. Get the party started.

Made of good quality 100 pvc material, this lake float for adults is made to last many lake holiday seasons.

It also has seating space that is very comfortable. Each sitting area is spacious, has contoured backrest and a well-designed arm rest.

Fiesta Island Inflatable Eight Person Lounge : A Big Float For Lakes That You’ll Love

This is the detachable floating cooler that comes with the raft

This big lake island float is well made. This has just been recently improved and now includes a central air chamber for extra support. You can party with cooler and be safe too.

  • 11.5ft x 11.5ft
  • Seats up to 8 People
  • 8 cupholders
  • Contoured backrests
  • Includes 16-quart inflatable floating cooler (detachable)
  • Cover is 100% PVC

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Giant Lake Float And Floating Island From Wow Sports: The Tube A Rama

large party island flaotWhen you want a big inflatable water toy, Wow Sports is the place to go. And this giant inflatable floating island may just be the thing you’re looking for.

For a non-commercial multi person lake float, you have got to give it to¬†Wow Sports for making Tube A Rama which¬†can accommodate up to 10 adults — and for a party right in the middle of the lake, you just know that that’s going to be a pretty big party.

wow tube

Prepare to have a huge floating island with the Tube A Rama. It has a 12-ft diameter that’s great for lake parties. This is a strong heavy duty large floating raft with 8 tubes around the diameter.

One unique feature¬† is that there are places which do not have a mesh. This makes¬† “diving” into the lake a fun activity. It also has a big mesh in the middle for your safety.

And it’s not a party without the drinks, this has over two beverage coolers so you can have your drinks at hand all the time. Good value for money

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The Sea Doo Mega Island: Large Lake Floats With Speakers

Sea Doo island floats are quickly building a wave ūüėČin the water inflatable business and their high-tech large lake floats with speakers are only going to become more popular.

We’ve featured the 6-seater Sea Doo in another page, but this Sea Do Mega Island¬†is the 8-seater. And if you you¬†prefer a large island float with speakers, this is the one to buy.

island raft
SEADOO – Inflatable – Mega Island

This Sea Doo Inflatable Mega island takes partying to a different level. Your and your family can enjoy your lake holiday with your favorite music in the background. You have everything you need to have a relaxing time with this Sea Doo large party island float.

It has:

  • 2 built in coolers¬†to make sure your favorite beverages are always cold
  • 6 drink holders
  • detachable boarding platform
  • MP3 storage console with 4 speakers.
  • detachable boarding platform
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